How often do situations in your life leave you feeling hopeless?

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It’s been a day of difficulty for me and I have been feeling helpless and hopeless from not knowing what I can do to find comfort and clarity.


I am finding clarity through meditation and I know I will have clearing dreams and sleep well.

Good Night

What will be better for you tomorrow?

Peace, love,light and blessings

“White Eagle”

When do you connect with source?

Thank you creator that I am connecting to source at all times .. in the divine light unconditional love , energy of all there is in white light .. source of magic , abundance , health., wealth, clarity , opportunity, all of the divine light source., so it is..
I allow my healing to be assisted at times through other light workers.. as I share and assist others .. knowing through spirit is my divine source .. my connection is source … so it is .. when I listen with my heart , I discern the spirit of another., following the truth of my heart discernment., my source ., so it is .,
By Willow Raven Sage ..

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