Have you ever wanted  to give up on something when it is not going your way?

When I believe it will be the way I choose it to be and live in this moment there is nothing to give up on.  I have already created it, maybe not when I expect it to happen but it does happen!  I only need to persist in knowing that it will arrive!

Peace, love, light and patience are the key in creating my life for me!

“White Eagle”


What does “simply believe it” mean?

Feeling to the depth of your being that new life is the truth of you. You have to:

  • see it in your mind’s eye,
  • feel it,
  • taste it,
  • smell it,
  • hear it.
  • Most importantly, you have to feel it emotionally.

When you see yourself in a new job, new car, new relationship, new house, feel the joy of it, feel the fun in it, experience the laughter in it. Feel true happiness.

(Big Book of YOU)

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