What will the new December full moon bring forward for you?

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This month of December … Is coming into a very strong full moon , if you are feeling like it’s time to change , end certain things in your life … Closure , healing … That’s because it is in this moon .
As intense as it may seem it’s also abundant with much new opportunity to awaken you….
Literally awaken the you from your inner core being … Recognizing and staying in the very moment of the feelings that you’re having now at this time
Do not separate yourself from these feelings , feel them embrace them , and then let go … Fear will be a teacher as it will come up assist you into your core issues ..allow this healing , moving into a beautiful amazing direction as you face your fears and identify with who you are in this moment … Spending some quiet time will assist you into your healing …
Allow what needs to come up to the surface during these stages and quiet times of healing … No judgement … Allow the process… Deep within each and everyone of us lies our own amazing Dr. Within … Your Given gift from spirit … Spirit knows all things … Sing , pray , laugh and cry in the spirit … Connecting to your amazing wisdom from your creator within .. I will be posting a lot this month as I’ve been guided to share the gifts of spirit ..
Blessings to you all…

“Willow Raven Sage”