This morning waking up, getting out of bed and deciding what to move forward with in my life today became overwhelming for me!

I just wanted to stay in bed with the covers or pillow over my head!

Have you ever had a day that started out this way?

Finally, after laying there procrastinating about getting up, and not knowing how to shut my thoughts down, I decided that checking with my channel within may assist me to get up, get moving, get in touch with my reality and this is what the channel said!

Be real, be in the present moment, now, and all will fall into place for you. Go only with what is in front of you spontaneously. Do, and all will be done as it needs to be.

As you do this you will then be and have all that you require to move forward with the excitement of life as you know it from your precious inside, to the precious outside of you.

Peace, love and light be with you as you are you from this moment forward on your journey through life.

This channeling certainly made it easier to get up, get moving, go with the flow and the moment, and all is getting done as it was meant to be!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”



In all most every family there is a black sheep, you know the one that does all the work while all the other kids get what ever they want.   The black sheep gets the hand me downs and when things go wrong it is the black sheep’s fault even if they where never there.

You can’t say that I am wrong because in my life I was the black sheep and you probably have a black sheep in your family!

Take a look, is it you, your younger sibling or older sibling.

When we get older have you ever wondered why when you need help in life the best peopleto get true and real answers are from the black sheep because the real teachers walk the hard road, may live without the feeling of love or acceptance from others, so a black sheep becomes stronger in spirit ,we become hard on ourselves to improve our world (so we can get out of the house fast)

We learn to let go of what is blocking our road in life, the black sheep knows when its time to walk away from the house we were raised in ,we do so without looking back.

We usually feel no guilt ,because feelings at that time are no where to be found!  They have been blocked off to protect us from the hurt in our lives.  They will come back later in life  and for some its much later…… others may start to feel as soon as they get away from the surroundings they are in.

However, when freedom is reached , it is a hard time for a black sheep, it is  like a prisoner being released from jail.  We sometimes believe what we were told,  things like we will be lost and never be or find a light to shine the way,  or in other words we will be nothing but a burdon to the world.

It is sad to say but a lot of us went this way!

For some that is just part of the training that we need to go through unknowingly so that we are ready to move on to the next stage and bring what we learned to help others who are walk the same road or fell from their own road and need guidance.

A real blacksheep will walk in the middle of the road for we are not leaders and we are not followers we are the ones that have been  there , done that and we learned in the hidden school of life

We will never turn our backs on those in need.  A blacksheep welcomes all as one without questions.

We are the first to fight the wolfs at the door to save all life,  even at the cost of our own being because life for all is more important to us than ,power ,money , or greed.

A black sheep’s journey is a hard one but in the end ,it is a journey that was and still is worth walking.

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” (Dean)


No matter where you have been, no matter how hard the road was, you are right where you need to be!

If you need to change your ways, now is a good time to start because really what is holding you back from the true you?

When you find out what it is then get rid of it.

Yah! I know it’s harder than it sounds but you can do it!
I know you can!

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” (Dean)