What happens when you don’t speak your truths?


When we don’t speak our truths … The little lump that is in our throat creates an illness somewhere in our body ..
Each person has their own area of sickness .. Cancer is a Stuffing. your feelings disease as are other illnesses…
As you learn to get past the fear of feeling your feelings , being honest with them … And then honest to others your soul finds freedom.. Remembering being popular .. The shining star of the class isn’t where it’s at … Truth in your heart is your God given life source … Life force… Without your truth you cannot meet another’s truth ..
Your vibration is lowered and illness steps in … In many case scenarios this is many life time issues that we are dealing with… Any thing can be healed .. If we choose to …. Starting off with our beautiful truth to ourselves , then others.blessings to you all today .. Lots of support hugs to you all ..

~Willow Raven-sage~

Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”