What are your strengths?


I would like to share a message .. About holding on to what I felt were my strengths to the end..
Not letting go and allowing spirit…( God ) … Ego based… Way of living my life … Hiding behind every form of defence mechanism that exists … Very painful journey …
This is what many of us are taught … It’s old school , some of old school is valuable … Most of it is Ego based … To me ends in death… When we crash spiritualy. Some of us start to live for the first time in our lives … Crises can be a blessing to us all .if we get it …finding out that my strengths were actually defence mechanism that kept me from being my true self is amazing self discovery… A ton of toxic energy lifted from my shoulders .. The old program… No longer worked for me (Ego) in return , I received a lot less work maintaining my Ego self on this earth and became my authentic self .. I have days where I will step back into Ego , I feel the feeling .. And go to my heart .. Remember the saying , don’t cry , be a man , this very statement did a lot of damage to many sensitive souls out there… Feelings, are our most amazing gifts in life , they tell us everything we need to know about ourselves … Crying is healing energy that cleanses our souls …
Letting go of the old message we received as children , is not blaming anyone .. Just letting go and allowing you authentic self to step in .. Self em powerment

Blessings to you all..

Willow Raven-sage

Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”