A Sacred Sunday Blessing for You today!

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Sacred Sunday Blessing .. May the Wise Women of the World gather and share their wisdom and knowledge to remind us that life as we knew has come to a time of change . that we are here at a time of great energy shifts and that this is a time to honour our presence here as a gift to future generations . We are those who are acknowledging the old stories . We are loving proof of the stories ❤ and creating during this time of cocooning and dreaming a new world . We are the change …we are the new hope . there is magic in our dreams and stories and songs ❤
Shared by “Maggie”

What are you sensing today?

Good Morning

Today was a struggle to get myself out of bed and be positive about my day!  I am sensing strong energy shifts in the universe that really affect me!

I managed to do my meditation and move forward with calmness and love within me for all!


I will be consciously aware of my feelings, mood, behaviors and actions as a I create my day in the moment!

Good Morning

How consciously aware are you today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”