What are good reasons to wear a face mask today?

Coronavirus: How to Care for Your Face Mask | Johns Hopkins Medicine
So lots of opinions and information going around. This is creating chaos and fear. Especially for our elders and for others. I have been reminded of a great daily practise…. ( thanks to my dear friend Curtis). instead of taking on the fear, confusion, judgement, chaos into my mind/ body and possibly compromising my immune system. I will choose to make a decision. I will wear a mask, I will not add to the confusion and fear, I will take care of myself, family and the folks I love and care for, I will be respectful, I will hold the door open for folks, if I see someone who needs help , I will help out the best I can, I will be kind. I will keep my opinions to myself. I will not be harmful , The world needs us all to settle down ,hone ourselves in, be kind. Be helpful. ❤️ 🙏
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