Where are you at peace?

Jeff Mullan's photo.
“Find a place in your mind where you are at a peace.
Find a feeling in your heart which feels the best.
Find a space in nature where you feel you belong.
Find a memory that brings back the laughter of the moment .
Find a visualization that reminds you all is well in the world.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan
Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”

How involved are you in your life?

Good Night

Today was a good day, a day of feeling much better, seeing clients in person and on SKYPE, and getting back involved with life again!


I will sleep well knowing that today I was able to help others  because I first took care of me.  I feel good inside  being able to help others once again!

Good night

Who were you able to help today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”


Do you want to feel good right now?

“Instead of waiting for something to happen in your life that you can feel good about it – decide to feel good right now by capturing or conjuring or recalling some really good feelings in the present moment. Then the Universe delivers the circumstances to match those good feelings.”
– DrJeff Mullan –

A morning of going with the flow!

Good Morning

Woke up feeling good and optimistic about my day!


I will go with the flow, do what makes me feel good, what I choose to do in the moment without making any plans until the plan arrives!

Good Morning

What will you do with your plans today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

Shared by “White Eagle”


Jeff Mullan

‎”Words carry with them thought vibrations that reach all who welcome that frequency of enlightenment and upliftment. You are attuned to receive thoughts and images which reflect your heart’s desire to feel good about the magic of life.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan –

Shared by “White Eagle”