How shocked are the forest animals now?


To all viewers,

PLEASE keep in mind that the wildlife animals are in shock just as much as you are. Their homes have been turned to ash. Their food, burnt to crisp. Humans, helicopters, vehicles, unknown traffic of all sorts have invaded there privacy. They’re hungry, thirsty, scared, separated from other families, lost and alone.

Keep in mind, their mentality is extremely HIGH on defence. They’re being chased, captivated, shot at and delivered to unknown territory.

PLEASE think before you act. If wild animals approach your yard, or yourself, do not act out of sort or panic (which is in our best nature)
We need to be strong for ourselves, our communities AND the animals. Do the proper actions to stay safe.

If you see any lost PETS (cats, dogs) and or wildlife (horses, cows, chickens) please inform us here so we can make the proper calls.

We need to stick together, which includes our wild life friends.

Thank you