How polished are you in your life?

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Someone asked me the other day .. if I had all of my answers… if I felt polished in life .. if I had a plan.. if I had changed in life.. if I forgive ..
I have open plans as things change .
Life is ever changing , negative and positive I embrace in myself as one ..
polished .. I prefer to be magical , to be a woman warrior in a time zone of my own creation.. change I have changed multiple times.. going with life’s flow.. always to be open to new experiences .. what ever this may be..
forgiving myself first for not recognizing my divine beauty from the first moment of life..
forgiving everyone who has ever hurt me in any way..
my greatest goal in life is to embrace all of my imperfection.. perfection with joy , and bliss .. creating my magic with each strength that I have as a warrior woman.. with the wisdom to understand that all things are put here as is.. I choose to belong here in this moment.. not in judgment of my self or another living soul.. trusting in the divine plan of the universe .. my , I am self , God .. Creator so it is .. 💗🦋💜

Willow Raven-Sage