How wacky and wonderful is your day going to be?

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It’s one of those wacky days for sure, The weather is wacky, it looks lie rain, but it’s just smoke in the air, the phone started to ring early, wrong numbers already, the calls I,m waiting to receive haven’t come in and the list grows..I wonder what else will be wacky on this wonderful day?


I will have fun with this wacky new day.

Good Morning

How wacky is your day?


“White Eagle”



What happens when you dance?


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Th smoke in the air here has been really bothering me almost to the point of feeling depressed.   When I woke up I did not want to get up and then I kicked my feet a few times in the air , did my exercises including a couple o dance steps and and started mood changed and now I’m ready to dance through this day one step at a time.


I am creating a happy day!

Good Morning

How will you dance through your day?


“White Eagle”

How did you start your day today?



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This morning I got up early, got dressed up nicely and decided to start the day in a classy way.   I went searching for a nice looking quote for today and found this one.   I was feeling quite proud of my finding it, and then I re-read the words and burst out laughing……It’s exactly what I did this morning!  How classy is that?


I am creating a joyful and fun day in a happy way!

Good Morning

What did your body do to stat your day?

Peace, light and laughter

“White Eagle