What are you sharing with others today?

While sitting back drinking my morning tea, I was able to share experiences and stories with a Health care worker  that was here to help.   It’s amazing how easy it is to relate to others who are awesome, open, and radiate peace as they work doing what they love to do.


I love to share openly with others who care!

Good Morning

What will you hare today?


Whit Eagle”

Who is in your life today?

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What a morning this is, lts a day that is full of f smoky air, lots of trouble breathing.   Hearing from the important people in my life has made my morning brighter.


I am thankful to be breathing and have such wonderful and understanding people in my life!

Good Morning,

Who’s with you in your life?


“White Eagle”

What is your priority today?


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Well, here it is almost August once again and I have ben sitting back thinking about all of the wonderful people in my life and how I wish I had the time and money to get out, take a trip and visit everyone this long weekend. 

Then I got on face book and this came up for me from my blog in  2010 on this day.   Amazing to see it and recognize how much changing I still need to do 


“How easy it is to lose touch with those that we care about! Priority often seems to be leaving behind special people for monetary gain and social status! How sad it is that people are less important than money and position in this world we live in! I believe it is now time for change to put people back in our lives as being most important! What’s your priority”?


“White Eagle”


I am consciously aware of how important the people in my life are to me!


White Eagle”

What will you do today to build a better world?


When I woke up I didn.t want to get out of bed and deal with all of the issues that are taking place in our world.  I was thinking of climate change, forest fires, starvation, water supply, the birds, insects, all animals, and human beings.   Finally I got out of thinking about everything outside of myself and got in touch with the inside of me.  Then I realized how important self care is knowing that all change begins within me and travels through me to the outside of me.  I’m with you my world,  We are all related.


I know that as my thoughts and actions change my(“our”) world changes with me!

Than you creator, we are not al..one we are all one

Good Morning

What thoughts will you change today?


“White Eagle”