What are you praying for?

“I prayed for change, so I changed my mind.
I prayed for guidance and learned to trust myself.
I prayed for happiness and realized I am not my ego.
I prayed for peace and learned to accept others unconditionally.
I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out.
I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health.
I prayed for a miracle and realized I am the miracle.
I prayed for a soul mate and realized I am the One.
I prayed for love and realized it’s always knocking,
but I have to allow it in.”

~ Jackson Kiddard~

Shared by “Lisetwo Jacques”



What do you admire about you?

Jeff Mullan's photo.

“I admire my strength through life’s challenges.
I admire my tenacity during terrible times.
I admire my endurance when the going gets rough.
I admire my power to overcome many problems.
I admire my faith that things always work out for me.
I admire the divine guidance I get from the Universe.
I admire myself and everyone who is trying their best.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan –

Shared by “Cecilia”



What are you praying for today?

I prayed for change, so I changed my mind<br />
I prayed for Guidance and learned to trust myself<br />
I prayed for Happiness and realized I am not my ego<br />
I prayed for Peace and learned to accept others unconditionally<br />
I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out<br />
I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health<br />
I prayed for a Miracle and realized I am the Miracle<br />
I prayed for a Soul mate and realized I am the One<br />
I prayed for Love and realized it’s always knocking,<br />
I just have to allow it in...</p>
<p>~Jackson Kiddard
I prayed for change, so I changed my mind I prayed for Guidance and learned to trust myself I prayed for Happiness and realized I am not my ego I prayed forPeace and learned to accept others unconditionally I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health I prayed for a Miracle and realized I am the Miracle I prayed for a Soul mate and realized I am the One I prayed for Love and realized it’s always knocking, I just have to allow it in…
~Jackson Kiddard~
Shared by “Kari”


There will always be those who focus on what you’re not doing or what they think you should be doing.

It’s an easy way to avert their attention from themselves and the mirror you are reflecting to them.

Pay no mind!

  • Trust YOUR guidance and intuition.
  • Follow YOUR heart.
  • Trust YOUR journey. You don’t want to live the life that others want you to life.
  • Live YOUR life. And do it with confidence and grace…

Shared by “Missr Holland”


In the silence of breathe is where we hear our true guidance from our Creator. Stop for a moment, let your mind be still and listen to the beating sound of your heart, hear the messages she gently beats to you. It’s all there within where you will find your answers to your most pressing problems.
Shared by “Redberry” Chantal


~I see your heart, I see the light that shines within and around you. I see this, for you are my child.   A child of me!

I see your sadness, it has dimmed your light, your flame, but you need to trust in me.   That it will, shall, and does flame brightly, trust in me, and my words, trust in me and your guidance.

Just let go of that wheel, and hand it over to me. I shall show you, all that lifes blessings can Be.

You are beautiful, smart, intelligant, strong, worthy, and deserving of all the gifts from Heaven. I would not want any of my children to suffer, why do you feel the need to put yourself through this?  Why do you feel you don’t deserve? Because you do. The answer to that question, is your EGO! Let go of  it, and let me steer you to your path, to the light, that is already there for you. Let me, light your flame today, brightly, and show, all of the worlds gifts, that you so deserve. Trust in me, trust in my words, TRUST!!…

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer ♥


One day as I was walking down the street discussing a course that I was taking and how I learn many of my life lessons with one of my mentors, I unknowingly said: “It all depends on Brain Training”! He stopped, looked at me and said: “What did you say”? I replied
“it all depends on your own personal brain training”! We very quickly got into an excited conversation about brain training, however, I had no idea how important this phrase would become to me and others that I have known over the years. I checked with the channel within and the following definition miraculously appeared:

All of the precious human beings who are on earth today undergo many forms of brain training that is meant only for the good of the human being. Unfortunately, in many cases brain training creates many of the maladies that exist on earth today. Every brain is unique, as it is a part of the uniqueness of each human being. Every human being has a gift, the ability to sort information provided from the outside of oneself. When the mind, the body and the brain are not connected and working in synchronicity, problems encountered may not be resolvable. When you shift your perspective, move to another vantage point (the inside, the heart, the inner senses, inner being or spirit) to observe all that is, brain training can be a great asset to assist in sorting out who you are and what your life purpose is in this moment. Brain training is not negative, it becomes negative when the mind, the body, emotion and spirit are not on the same channel as the brain. You are the connector; when you are only focused from the outside in and not aware of what is happening from the inside out, brain training takes over. Your journey through life needs to be one of wholeness; the human being is now learning to access the whole Human Being, not just the brain. Over development and overuse of the brain has resulted in the body and the mind not being connected. Many humans have become over brain trained in order to become accepted as a part of their society on earth. You have become your brain and this is the greatest myth existing today. You are not your brain, when you are connected with your mind, body, emotion and spirit your brain will support you and provide you with the guidance necessary for you to become your own unique human being. You will be your own conscious being flowing from the inside out.

“White Eagle”



Remembrance Day has always been a very significant day for me!  From the time I was a very young child, this special day was a day of honour, grief, joy and silence.
My father was a World War II Veteran and our Remembrance Day would always start with honouring those who have gone before us who are us by observing Two Minutes of Silence while listening to the radio, or once I was in school, it meant observing this in the classroom or gymnasium with a whole group of giggling students.  In my case I always took the observance of Remembrance Day very seriously!
My Father had taught us well.
On this day I would like to share with you the story of my father and what I believe honouring him, and others who have passed is all about for me.
My dad was a very quiet, gentle and peace loving human being.  His father was a Minister, who left the ministry to become a fur trader on an Indian Reserve.  This is where my father was born and was raised until he was 14 years old.  My grandfather had Parkinsons/Polio,  and  his physical needs required a quieter and easier life because walking was difficult for him.  They moved to a small town where he became the postmaster, and my father pulled him back and forth to work in a little  wagon.  That was my fathers job, and he performed this job well.  I always remember the gentleness and caring of my father throughout my entire life, with the exception of Remembrance Days!  This was the day that my father went out with some other War Veterans and usually ended up with him arriving home very drunk and spending the night upset and ill. This day always brought back many memories that he had great difficulty coping with.
From a very young age I learned to question what his life must have been like for him.  He was on the front lines, he was young, newly married, shipped to a foreign country, given a gun, lived in tents, on foreign soil and was expected to shoot other human beings.  This man who pulled his father back and forth to work in a wagon not too many years prior to joining the army, was expected to fight for his country, and kill other people.
This became very clear to me when I was about 8 years old and a German family moved into the house next door to us.  My father was very quietly upset and as he talked  about how difficult this was for him because the man next door was also a war veteran and his greatest concern was that he had possibly shot at him while he was fighting for his country.  Each time they talked, being the sensitive child I was,  I could feel the discomfort radiating from both of them because of where they had been.  My father never lived a day of his life without those memories, although he would never talk about them with us.  He stated “there are just some things you don’t and will never talk about in your life!”  My war experiences are mine, I am not proud of what I had to do,  and I will not share them or talk about them with anyone who wasn‘t there!  He kept this part of his life private and personal until his death.  This is where the story gets very interesting.   My mother and father took a holiday to Eastern Canada many years ago to visit family and my mother had always wanted to visit the war memorial!  They spent a few days visiting , sightseeing and scheduled a time for the visit that my mother had planned for many years.  She believed that this would be a great thing for my father to do now  because my father had retired and he would be able to give thanks to all of those he fought with who did not return home.   He, on the other hand,  believed that it was important to do this for my mothers sake because she too had gone through the war that created separation and she had  birthed and raised a child on her own until he returned.   In reality my father did not want to follow through with the plan to visit the war memorial honouring his fallen comrades. The remembering those years of war was just too painful and too much for him to cope with.   The morning of the visit to the memorial my father got up, had his morning coffee while sitting in his hotel room in Ottawa preparing for the big day at the War Memorial.
As he sat with my Mother talking about his morning, his memories, and his family, my oldest brother who was born while my father was Fighting in the War,who had come to visit them in Ottawa who had just left to go back to the Maritimes, it all ended!
All of a sudden he fell backwards on his chair and immediately died from a massive heart attack!    He made a strong impact on me through his death!
This gentle, peace loving and kind man died instantly, the day he was to visit the War Memorial in the Journey’s End Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.  His actions spoke louder than his words on this day!
His last request was to be buried in his army jacket, so his ashes were wrapped in the jacket and as he was laid to rest the importance of World Peace was indelibly imprinted in my mind!
In memory of all of those who have passed fighting for us all in the name of freedom, even when it is totally against their personal values and beliefs!