What do the Wyse Wymen do during difficult times?

As the veil thins and the Moon’s bright light shines down upon us.

May the Wyse Womyn continue to do what they do best.

Sing your songs ,stir the cauldron of hope and reach out to those who need your wisdom.

Gather where you can and stand strong for the world as we knew is slowly crumbling
This time will be difficult for all but we can know that all changes come with chaos and we are in chaos.
Many are struggling with fear and anxiety and we dear ones are so needed .
Please believe in your abilities to keep creating and caring for your own hearts
For that is the answer to all prayers of hope.
Wisdom ,kindness and love are the healing antidote right now .
Use them and believe they make a difference ❤
Shared by “Maggie”

What is good earth medicine to help you heal?

Earth Medicine for Recovery ❤️
Cedar is a one of the Sacred Medicines, used to purify. Cedar baths and washing with cedar water is healing for the body and the Spirit. Cedar smudge is used to purify the home and create sacred space. When the cedar crackles, it is calling the attention of the Spirits to the offering being made. Cedar is also used in fasting and sweat lodge ceremonies as protection.
Essence of Cedar encourages healthy energy flow throughout the subtle bodies. It is gently balancing. and relaxes and harmonizes the body. Cedar cleanses the mind of angry and aggressive thoughts. Cedar will “root” you, providing connection to the Wisdom of our Ancestors. Cedar’s gift is strength and courage for your healing journey.
Shared by “Maggie”