What lessons are you embracing today?

Willow Raven-sage's photo.
Willow Raven-sage's photo.

I allow my spirit infinite love … As I look. back on the shadows of my life , I allow infinite healing.
My spirit embraces all the lessons of my life to manifest in beauty that what I have , do create right now… As my spirit remembers and knows my truth as it is for me right now… Any past experiences are filled with divine light to bless me in this moment …
Every journey has brought me to the presence of beauty right now in my spirit… Thank you creator as I move on into amazing energy of abundance beauty , joy in my life .. This very moment.. And so it is .. Blessings to you all…this beautiful little Ranch … And all its critters

~Willow Raven-Sage~

Peace, love, light and blessings

Shared by “White Eagle”