All teaching is learning. All empowerment of others is self empowerment.

There is no way you can teach and empower others without teaching and empowering yourself. As a teacher, you create the space that allows learning to take place. You empower and teach others every time you create an opportunity for them to grow. By learning to create that space for others to grow spiritually, you grow spiritually yourself. Empowering others will bring you spiritual rewards beyond anything you can imagine. As you serve others you will gain a radiance and light around you that will create opportunities and good things everywhere you go. You will find increasing prosperity, deep inner satisfaction, and the respect and love of those around you. You will find much energy coming back to you, for every time you create a shift for others you also create a shift to a higher consciousness for yourself. Although you do not want to serve for these reasons, these are some gains you may realize as you follow your higher path. We will call you who are following the path of enlightenment through service “world servers.” Being a world server means honoring yourself and others; it means bringing out the best in people, assisting them in discovering their potential and the higher plan of their lives.Being a world server means committing to your own growth and following your higher path. It means making a commitment to bringing your life into balance so you can devote a significant portion of your time to your higher purpose. World service comes when you ask for it and are ready. World service comes from doing your life’s work and following your higher purpose.When you first ask for an opportunity to make a difference in the world, you may find yourself putting energy into making your own life work at higher levels. You cannot serve others as effectively if your life is in turmoil and your problems take much of your time and energy. Solving your problems and making your life work is an important part of your spiritual growth. The more skill you have in manifesting and handling day-to-day issues with clarity and love, the more easily you can accomplish your higher purpose. As your life begins to have more order and harmony you will find many opportunities to make meaningful contributions to others. You will move to a level where much of your growth will come from your world service. As you reach upward and increase your light, you will draw to yourself all the forms that will make it possible to get your work out to the world. Don’t worry if you don’t yet know the form of your world service. Put your life in order. Once you request an opportunity to serve, you are heard by your Higher Self and the Higher forces of the universe. Every opportunity will come to you just as soon as you are ready.

~ Orin through Sanaya Roman~
Peace, love, light and blessings!
Shared by “White Eagle” via Just Channelings