Who stands you by when the going gets tough?

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Praises to those who stand by others when the going gets tough, when the body is unwell, when the money is gone, when the structures collapse, when the judgments are the most negative. Where would we be without our rainy day people? Try to imagine a world without them. Kudos to those who make a point of supporting others in their time of need. We are lost without you, particularly now.

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What turns you on this morning?


It’s not about giving up on the fairy tale relationship. It’s about landing it in heart-core reality. It’s about giving the fairy feet. It’s about peeling away the prince’s armor and loving the real person down below. It’s about wiping off the princess’ make-up and loving her divine humanness. It’s about finding romance in the naked fires of daily life. With our masks and disguises fallen away, real love can reveal itself. Forget fairy tales – the human tale is much more gratifying. We just have to learn how to get turned on by humanness. (~an excerpt from ‘An Uncommon Bond’)
Shared by “Michael” and “Kari”