This need to belong, to be a part of all that is, is taking the precious human being outside of themselves and is the biggest part of the downfall of your civilization as you know it!

What happens to those in society who do not conform?

In most cases they become the ones who function outside of society, are lost in the systems and structures that are set up today for society to function under. They will attempt to fit in with all that is in this world or they will remove themselves from the earth plane or from society, or they will become the walking brain trained conformists who are struggling with their own inner conflicts in their inability to be not what they are to be.

In earth school children are being taught at a very young age that they are to fit in, be accepted, be just like the person who stands next to you, be a good example of all that is not in this world. Conformity is the greatest pitfall that there is in the road of life and everyone tends to step into it, however, many earth beings remain trapped within the confines of the conformity in order to belong to a society, which takes them outside of the human abilities. If you think about all of the non-conformists that exist in your world today, who are they?

They are the mothers and fathers of invention, the people who make a difference in the world today, they are not afraid to be who they are and attempt the things that they know from their inner being. The alcoholics, drug addicts, people who are ill are creating these maladies from their attempt to conform into a world, culture and society that does not fit with their unique human being. These maladies will occur, and in some cases the addicts are then moving into a new form of conformity in order to be accepted with yet another set of rules which govern their being. They are starting new societies and cultures, and end up back where they were trying to escape from. The Cultures, i.e.: the drug culture, the prison culture, etc. are started through the need to belong in a society which may fit more within their channel of escape from the reality which exists for them. It is in this escape route that they run into yet another set of conformities which they then become lost in while they are attempting to escape from the culture which they believe is harmful for them and end up in yet another harmful culture which lends itself to more addiction, more prison, more isolation all for the sake of escaping the conformity which is required to live on the earth plane today.

  • What do you conform to today, that works for you?
  • What do you conform to that works against you?

Our lives are simply a stage to set the scenes in life that teach us to be all that we are!

This life play allows us to be I AM!

Peace, love, light and blessings as you enjoy yourself in the play of life!

“White Eagle”


In my life I am many things!

I am a daughter

I am a mother

I am a sister

I am a wife

I am a counsellor

I am a partner

I am a writer

I am a cook

I am a consultant

I am a female

I am a human being

and the list goes on, and on.

Out of  all of these labels I wear I  need to remember that

most importantly





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