As you journey forward on this earth walk; as you come into your own and become a STRONG STANDING WOMAN…. May you always remember….

  • You were created out of love and purpose… NO ONE has ever existed on this earth who has your exact ideas, mixed with your exact personality and gifts, walked your journey, learned and lived your lessons, or has your special way of seeing and doing things… Sometimes, it may seem as though every mark has already been made, that everything has been thought of and that there simply isn’t room for you…but this is untrue…
  • May you always remember that Who you are combined with where you are in your life can help create a situation that will NEVER be duplicated again in all of history… That is the beauty of living in and for the moment… So please my girl… go out and do those things that only you can do….if you do not do those things, they will never be done…. for you, and for all of us. We need the best of you…Sometimes you are the only one on earth who knows the struggles you have had to overcome, the pain you have had to live through, the strength you have had to build and the wisdom you have had to earn. Sometimes you are the only one who knows the depth that is behind your own eyes and soul.
  • May you always remember the importance of giving yourself the kind of respect that you would give to someone else who has lived through all that you have lived through. It is so important that you are compassionate, gentle and patient with yourself… That you continue to remind yourself that you have made it through tough things and you will continue to make it through life lessons…. It is so important that you give yourself credit for the things you have learned so far… and give thanks for the opportunities you have been given to learn… Be fair and kind with this sacred information that you have about yourself… one, aside from our Creator, knows what we know about ourselves…and so we must be a careful, responsible and noble guardian over these things.
  • You are worth whatever it takes for you to become a STRONG STANDING WOMAN…. This will mean being respectful, kind, patient and loving to yourself… All things which people learn at different times in their lives… You missed out on these teachings as a child, but are now being blessed by the grandmothers with this wisdom…. To help you along your journey….
  • May you look to the stars and know you have been led down the path of self-discovery… Listen to your heart, listen to the whispers of our Ancestors, and know…. That no matter how much someone loves you…they cannot know what it means to BE you… to have learned and lived all you have on your Sacred Path, and so You must do the work of BEing you… as do I…. as do We…. Because I am with You and You are with Me…. Always and forever my girl…. May You Walk in Beauty…. And know that you never walk alone….
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy – Redberry


Take time to know who you are my girl… to look at how you solve a problem, walk in the world, live with other beings, see the world and your place within it… Learn to listen to your heart… it will tell you much about who you are… don`t be afraid of change, challenges and struggles but embrace them with an open mind, an open heart and open arms… because coupled with quiet courage, they will bring transformation and blessings to your life that would have otherwise been impossible…

In the Great Design, we all have something to offer… although it may not always be visible to the eye, it is to the heart, if we choose to look for it… in ourselves and in others… Some keep the fire, some get wood for it, some warm themselves by it and pray, some take a part of it to others so they can share in the gift. Some don’t do anything and let it burn out… but as guardians of mother earth and her children, we are ALL gifted with the ability to contribute something…

The path of the guardian is one that we do not choose, but for which we are chosen. It is a most honorable calling to serve and to take one’s place as a caretaker of All Our Relations. When the path is understood and the Old Ways of our Ancestors are re-awakened in our hearts, we will gently be led and guided into a life of service… based on humility, giving, loving and gratitude… Each day we are blessed with an opportunity to touch someone else`s life by living the best life we can…

In the Great Design, there is room and love for everyone… it was meant to be this way so every single one of us could revel in our uniqueness…. be true to who we are, express our gifts and talents, and bless the world with the beauty of our Inner Being and brilliance… This is a gift from the Great Spirit reminding us that we ALL matter… We are All One… We are All Related… May you in beauty…

For this knowledge I thank our Ancestors, my spirit guides, teachers, elders, spiritual family and my mom… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy – Redberry


Listening to your heart is impossible unless you tune out what everyone else is telling you. The easiest way to do this is to take a moment and tune in to your physical senses (sight, touch, smell, sound, taste). Really tune into what you’re experiencing through your senses and feel what happens. Quiet the mind and give the heart a chance to speak
Shared by “Jarrod”