How sacred is your solitude?

“Solitude can be a sacred moment in your life.
Being on your own can be a special experience.
Surrender to enjoying times of being in aloneness.
The silence within connects you with your inner being.
Loneliness even helps us appreciate quality company.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan –

Peace, love, light and blessings

Shared by “White Eagle”



‘One of the biggest fears we have, is not having someone to Love us.
While having a partner is very natural and can often offer tremendous rewards, many of us are partnerless at one time or another in our lives. This does not lessen who we are! Sometimes having a partner can be another mask in which we hide our true identity. So many people come into their own after a breakup of a relationship. The fact is it is not about the partnership at all, but the ability to truly love ourselves and our lives, first and formost, determines whether we live out life to its full potential or not!’
Love who you are!
Be comfortable with being you!
As true love starts in your own heart!
Shared by “Brenda”
By: Raising Vibrations


When there are times you feel alone, as though, there is no one left, to help you, give you compassion, love ,and nurturing……To help you through these times of troubles… I am there!

I am carrying to you brighter days… Brighter days, for you to walk with ease, to see the light.. to show you the love you so longingly have waited for. Just ask, and you shall recieve… I am there.

Carrying you through the times of darkness, the times of sorrow.. the times of despair…. I am there. You are not alone!  Hold on to me.. as we walk with ease.

Place your arms around my neck…. hold on… I shall take you to safety.

When you feel as though there is no one to listen to your troubles, to lend you and ear…. I am there.

To wipe your sorrows from your face. to wipe your tears as the run down your cheeks….. I am there. Don’t feel sad about the seeming  lonliness, for you are not alone. I am there.

I am your confidant, your ear, your best friend, when no one else is near. I am there. Go today with strength, and fortitude… make today, this day…. in knowing, I am there… I am carrying your through these murky waters, I am the wind across your cheeks that wipes your tears….. and tells you.. the little whispers that you hear….. that there is always tomorrow and today will be the past soon… you can start today in knowing…. I am there….hang onto my shoulders, as I carry you through these a better tomorrow………

Our Creator, God, Heavenly Father~
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥


~The tears fall down your cheeks like raindrops on the streets….you sit quietly thinking no one is looking or listening, you think you can not be heard will not be seen but sweet dear one, we are there, we are with you we see you crying, and wishing you were not all alone, that someone would understand you, that someone would come, like your Prince Charming and rescue you from all of this!

Your heart has been broken into a million pieces, you don’t know where to begin to put these pieces together. You wonder if, you just left this earth plane to be with him/her again, you wouldn’t be so sad any longer. You wonder how you can get the strength up, to even go to work brush your teeth, get your kids ready for school. You have fallen so far down, you don’t think you’ll even be able to pick yourself up again. You wonder if you just were to leave here, everything would be better, you would be able to get away from all this hurt and pain you are going through.

Our dear children, we need for you to know,things would not be any better for those left here, things would not be better , Your children would be left without any parent at all. Your friends and family would then be suffering the same ….Please call upon us, surrender your life to to those who know….Creator/God, Yes, there will be days still of sadness, but you must carry on, don’t give in to the dark thoughts, dark feelings….carry on dear one carry on….

Your Loving Guides..♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer