Three years ago, today, they say I lost you…
The Old ones say, you journeyed Home…
A few winters have passed since you have gone,
yet for me your spirit has never been so alive…
Still I wish I would have thanked you for bringing me into the world and Loving me…and for teaching me… Because of you, I learned:

  • to see the good in people and in life
  • to see the positive and to learn from the negative
  • that the best things in life are free and are almost always found withIn
  • never to give up on myself or my dreams
  • how to be a loving and nurturing mother
  • to be grateful for the sacred gift of life
  • faith and spirituality,
  • to trust in Creator,
  • to believe in myself,
  • to share my gifts with others and
  • to be of service to the earth
  • to walk in love,
  • to show compassion and empathy for others, while practicing self-care
  • the importance of forgiveness and kindness
  • the importance of balance in my life (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental)
  • for teaching me that life is all about learning, we do the best we can with what we know at the time and when we know better we do better
  • for teaching me that we are all One! We are all Related!
  • Everything we do has a ripple effect in the universe and an impact on one another, including our earth mother.

I`m sorry I never told you the things I loved about you when your body was still on earth plane, but now, I can say to you in spirit, at any moment, I love you and thank you for all you are, all that you have been and all you continue to be… I would not be the person I am today without your love, strength, wisdom and guidance….

It is with great love, humility, longing and appreciation I envelop myself in your gentle spirit…. For this knowledge I give thanks to the Ancestors, my spirit guides and teachers…

All My Relations – Hiy Hiy
Shared by”Red Berry”(Chantal)