When you trust how might you feel?

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Trust is not a requirement for the unfolding of potential. Trust comes in time, as you begin to see how unconditionally precise and perfect everything turns out to be. In truth, the more you trust, the more open you feel. Trust may determine the quality of your experience, but a lack of trust cannot veer you away from destiny in any way.
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What can you do to be deeper aligned with your feelings?



Desire is the remembrance that things will only get better over a period of time. Expectation is what you tell yourself must occur before such desire can be felt. If and when you desire something, right then and there, you are feeling a sneak preview of how you will feel more often as your current level of transformation becomes complete. If you tell yourself, “I won’t be able to feel this way without specific outcomes or circumstances entering my life”, you’ve innocently given your power away to expectation, which pulls you further away from the vibration of desire, instead of bringing you into deeper alignment with it. 
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What ways can you do better?

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In every moment, you and everyone else is always doing the best they possibly can. If anyone could do better — they would. When anyone can do better — they will. While spiritual teachings can give greater focus and attention to heart-centered choices, they are not to be confused with rules used to punish yourself with. Instead of ridiculing yourself with unrealistic ideas of perfectionism, most moments of healing call for a deep level of self-forgiveness where you are able to truly forgive yourself for any misjudgments in perception and reaction by truly accepting yourself — talents, flaws, and all. No one is designed to do this perfectly and it’s for such an important reason. It is to guarantee that in en route to realizing how conscious, liberated, and heart-centered you already are, life creates moments to intentionally burst any bubble of perfectionism the spiritual ego tends to hide in. As the spiritual ego gets down on itself for not “nailing it”, you are able to embrace such a part within you, allowing your love to further set free the aspect of self who only knows how to be rewarded with praise, honor, and accolade in exchange for doing something “right”. Let your journey be insightful, illuminating, clarifying, and sometimes, as messy as its meant to be. No matter the roads traveled and the choices made, everything is made right in the end.
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