A Psychic’s message for today!

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I’m up early this morning, some more beautiful messages coming in from spirit.. it’s very important to respect our elders, to live and cherish our families, taking care to care for our bodies .. listening to the messages of spirit and our old elders for the medicines to take.. this will all come through for us.. when we listen with our hearts ..
Singing dancing , drumming, guitar playing.. music , lots of music , and joy in our hearts … healing Mother Earth , healing our hearts every day.. coming together in love , wrapping our homes in a powerful energy of prayers, the earth is healing, as below so above.. our souls , our wounds, our shadow parts are healing.. this is how we bring forth light onto our hearts onto the earth , the mother 5 th dimensional Gaia .. love light and blessing in the divine Holy Spirit ..Jesus Christ , Starseeds Pleiadians , all of the beings of light that are here to assist us now.. amen , amen amen , so it is

What surrounds you tonight?

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It’s time to wish you a colorful good night.  My day has been a day of relaxing, moving slowly, and being aware of everything I am a part of daily.  A fascination with Mother Earth and everything that she provides me moment by moment is an integral part of my life.  Thank you creator and Mother Earth for all that is.


I am surrounded by beauty and wonder in my life, and I will sleep well.

Good Night

What beauty and wonder surrounds you?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”