How beautiful is nature to you?

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Spending some time out in nature is a wonderful thing!   The trees, birds, deer, all animals, insects,  hills, lakes, grass,  sky, and everything that is a part of Mother Earth is so special to me when I become a part of it.


I will sleep well knowing how simple my life can really be.

Good Night

How much time did you spend out in nature today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

What would you like to change in your world?

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Sacred Dreams


“It’s not easy these days to live in this world: On one hand we disagree with what’s being done to people, to animals and to nature. On the other hand we can’t build a new society as they wouldn’t allow us. So we have this society we don’t like with all its rules and regulations that we have to live by, while somehow make enough money to survive. We have to adapt to this society whether we like it or not, because it is stronger. But in our hearts we can still live by the principles of our own society built on love. There is still no law in this world that forbids us to be loving and peaceful.”

~Sereno Sky~


Shared by “Kari” 

How many birds have you seen flying today?

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It’s a nice winter morning.  The birds have been flying by, perching in the tree outside my window saying hello.


I will take  time to observe nature and everything that is apart of this wonderful snow covered earth.

Good Morning

What will you see in nature today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”