How are your thoughts affecting you today?

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I woke up full of negative thoughts about everything I don’t have today that I have alway had in the past.  The more negative thoughts that came up my experiences in the moment became as negative as my thinking.  When I finally quit with the negative thinking every experience became a positive situation to change my life around!


I am aware of how my thoughts affect everything I do and everyone in my life moment by moment.  I am now feeling positive,  happy and well!

Good Morning

How are your thought affecting you today


“White Eagle”


How negative are your thoughts today?

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Yes, it sure is Monday again……paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork to get done today, what a way to start the week…..


I am consciously aware of my negative thinking, eliminate the negative thoughts as they arrive, and now I can create this wonderful new day of creativity!

Thank you creator!

Good Morning

How aware are you of your negative thoughts today?


“White Eagle”

How much sun is shining for you today?

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When  got up this morning I was feeling positive, alive, bright and ready to get on to create a great new day.  Out of the blue negativity began to sneak in…..Everyone around me had negative thoughts, negative theories, the world crisis became an issue, no face masks to be found and the negative list continued to grow to a a point where there was not one positive to be found.  The harder “I tried to be positive”, the more negativity of others thoughts and statements took over.  Finally  became quiet, withdrew and remembered what i know.   Now my day will begin again…..


I will not TRY, I WILL JUST DO IT my way.

Good Morning

How wil you deal with the negativity that comes to you from outside today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

‘White Eagle”