What is your safety net?

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Every one person.. has their own safety net.. there own belief.. religion , spirituality.. zen.. trained from a very young age.. coming from their lineage of beliefs.. praying to God .. or a belief of their choice.. Zen..
to keep safe within the control.. of their belief system..
I put a lot of different stories on here … to me what is important is to be compassionate understand .. and facilitate people from what ever walks of life.. they are on .. groups , religions.. spirituality.. that I do not judge.. however be here in support and respect for all.. as this is exactly what I ask back for myself personally.. that I listen from my heart , and not my head.. to be heard , and hear.. this is the ability to live in harmony and share from our hearts.. without judging one another.. we all meet our own creator in our own way.. and life has so may twist and turns.. having an open heart to all .. is a given.. space .. that actually allows each person to be in there own voice .. heart..
there are many things that we may not understand about people and why they do what they do.. however I do know that .. love and compassion is a wonderful way to share any given situation .. or persons.. what-ever..
that they may .. believe or not believe..
I don’t feel that we are to be the judge of any of this..
thank you all for sharing your own personal stories , and beliefs.. with love and light ., in divine blessings..

Willow Raven-Sage