What fills your heart basket?

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Art – Teri Siday


….our life paths are woven together by Spirit. Our journeys take us to the places where we are destined to be. Each step, each encounter with another soul adds color, everything we touch or that touches us is woven together with care and purpose. As we grow through this Life our Circles are joined together, our Spirit is woven, our re-births, and our Path are meticulously placed to take us higher into the completion of ourselves. We are the Creation of the Great Spirit, we are to be filled with all gifts and all lessons gathered from our Life Journey.
Blessings Walkers, fill your heart baskets with all good things, Walk in the good way, thanking all Kingdoms, Peace to you


copyright © 2013 RedskyHawk/Tina Phillips
Walking the Earth Touching the Sky

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