What Moon Phase are we in?

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Within the next couple of hours, we will be moving through a powerful Full Moon in Libra.
This full moon is all about helping us to anchor peace, love, balance and serenity. this lunar event also empowers us to understand our individual needs in relation to the desires of others.
This full moon is shining a light on what has been holding us back personally and in our relationships, so if some discomfort comes up for you, be gentle with yourself and know that it’s just coming up to be addressed and resolved. Libra is the zodiac sign of balance and partnerships, and this moon will help to bring these subjects to the forefront.
This is a time to be clear on who we are authentically as an individual and operate from this space moving forward. It’s also time to be crystal clear on what we truly desire in our personal friendships and partnerships, and be willing to vocalize it to ourselves and the Universe.
As always, full moons can be a highly sensitive time emotionally, so be extra gentle with yourself, and know that all is well.
Shared by “Emmanuel Dagher”