What affect will this full moon have on you?

Emmanuel Dagher's photo.


The Full Moon that will take place within the next 36 hrs is the first of three consecutive Super Moons of 2015. This is when the Moon is not only at its closest to Earth but also is coming into alignment with both the Sun and Earth.

This Full Moon will help to expand our perception of Self and others while anchoring an influx of spiritual energies.If we’re not ready for these energies, we can feel thrown off balance especially on an emotional level.

We are about to enter eclipse season again, So the energies of this Full Moon are preparing us for the big shifts in consciousness that are just around the corner, very exciting!

If we’re choosing to go with the flow, doing our inner spiritual practices, and being mindful of our dreams, visions and insights especially during these next few days around this Full Moon, we will most definitely ease our way into another quantum leap in the development of higher consciousness.

Full Moons tend to bring to the surface emotional imbalances that otherwise may go unnoticed that stem from the ego mind. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves, and release the patterns of being quick to judge with ourselves and others. This will definitely help to make the next few months of transformation a much easier experience.

This is a great time for a little extra nurturing, and to pay attention to the blessings in our lives, and what is working instead of what may appear to not be.

Enjoy this Super Moon, and if you’re enjoying these free updates…please feel free to share them with anyone who you feel would benefit from reading them.

It’s an honor to support you in this way!




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