Today for me will be a day of balance!

When I get going to fast in my life I tend to not look after my personal needs.  Today I realize how important it is to have balance in my life and how simple it is to get off balance when I am busy taking care of paperwork, other peoples needs, doing household tasks, and attempting to organize everything in my life so that it looks good from the outside in.


I am balancing  my life by balancing me!

  • Mentally – Slowing down my thoughts to sort them  the moment, they appear.
  • Physically – Taking  time to exercise, rest, and slow down
  • Emotionally – Feeling my feelings, acknowledging them and moving forward through my knowing, intuition and feelings as they arise.
  • Spiritually- Connecting my soul to all of  creation and showing gratitude for all that is and all I am!

I am grateful for this balance in my life!

Good Morning World!

What about you, What do you need to balance in your life?

Peace, love,light and blessings

“White Eagle”