How much thanks do you give to those who work the fields for you?

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Austin Arnett


It’s funny how a farmer spends countless hours getting land ready, from disking all the way to planting. He spends $1000’s of dollars on fuel, equipment, and repair bills. He spends many nights laying in bed praying for rain or sunshine instead of sleeping. He sweats like no other job will make you. He works like most people wouldn’t. He gets yelled at and cussed out by people that get caught behind the tractor traveling down the road, and he spends many minutes of the day wondering if it’s worth it! And he does all of this for these tiny seeds! Ask yourself, “Why would he do that?” The answers are all around you.. The plate of food sitting in front of you, the clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, and the last answer is the is the one that puzzles most people. It’s the dust, love for agriculture, and the satisfaction knowing he done his part at the end of the day! I’d like to thank all the farmers out there that help make the world go round!

~Austin Arnett~

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