Where will you find a little magic in your life today?

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Today is a magical day. 

I am aware of the changes taking place within me, my thoughts , my attitude and how these changes move over onto everyone in my life including all those I love!  …

My family, friends and all two legged and four legged’s that are in my life see to be  responding to my changes and changing as well.


I am consciously aware of my changes (inside and outside) and how they affect me, and everyone who is a part of my life.

Good Morning

What changes  will you make that will positively affect your life?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle

What positive things will you say to yourself tonight?

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Today was a good day!

I spent today  accomplishing things that I had been meaning to get done and finally achieved.  

I took ownership of my behaviors, consciously observed how my behaviors affect my life and decided to make some changes to really take care of myself!


I will sleep well knowing I am O.K.  

I have made changes that will be good for me for the rest of my life.

Good Night

What positive changes have you made today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

How aware are you of the chaos in the world?

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∞ “We must be Fully Aware of the Chaos in the world without ingesting it. We must Feel Deeply for those who are going through Great Challenges without becoming overwhelmed. We must learn to live our lives in a Positive Way while others try to pull us into their Negative Energy. This is the Strength, Power, Love, and Faith that it takes to Lift Others and make the Positive Changes we wish to see in the World. STOP sharing posts of Doom, Gloom, Hate, and Anger. START Sharing Posts about Positive, Powerful, Loving *Solutions*. Hold Strong. It’s Time to Help, Heal, and Empower each other. Infinite Love and Peace to All.” ∞

~Eric Allen~

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