What do you believe in today?

′′ I believe in the power of prayer, the strength of good and love, the good things that a positive thought can bring, the twists that a smile can give, the simplicity of taking life. I believe in the warmth of reciprocity, the importance of highlighting certain things and keeping peace of mind and a peaceful mind. I believe that if the heart is light, everything cooperates for happiness. It’s only up to us to remove what doesn’t add up, let go of what doesn’t bring joy, turn the desires into focus, fear into faith, and allow God to surprise us always.”
– Sabrina Braga
Shared by “Lisa”

What is your positive thought for today?

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It’s a rainy wet day outside, however, it’s a great day to stay inside and do the paperwork that needs to be done for tomorrow.


I am consciously aware of all of the positive experiences I am going through moment by precious moment.

Good Morning

What positive experiences will you have today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”