What are you working through today?

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Looking at the big picture at times is confusing. Where to start, what to do to get through it, how does it affect me and other people, what will be the outcome, does the outcome match with my values and will it make a difference? I believe I can just start at the beginning and work it through step by step in this moment beginning with the end in mind! Peace, love, light and problem solving!

Lois Pinsent shared a memory.

How easy are your problems to solve?

The Size Of Your Problems Is Nothing (With images) | Good morning ...

It’s amazinghow I tend to create problems or look for problems if I have nothing that I have to do.  This morning when I got up I realized that I have nothing that needs to be done and a sight panic set in.  That’s when I became consciously aware of how easy it is to create problems when I have none…


I am consciously aware of the problems I can create out of boredom.

Good morning

What problems will you create today?

Peace, love,light and blessings

“White Eagle”