Where will you go to today?

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Shakona Rose


Go where you are treated with kindness and respect.
Go where you are loved and cherished beyond measure.
Go where your uniqueness and gifts are honored.
Go where your truth is acknowledged and recognized.
Go where your beauty is met with beauty.
Anything else is not acceptable nor to be tolerated.

* words by moi

* Divine artwork by Mara Diop

What is the most important element of your personality?

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When I woke up today I was thinking about all of the people in our world who are homeless, unhappy, starving and going through traumatic times right now  I began to realize that I do respect others and I am a caring, kind, and giving human being.


I am consciously aware of what I give to others every moment of this day knowing that I am thankful to be me and give what I have to give.

Good Morning

What aspects of your personality are special to you?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”