What are good reasons to wear a face mask today?

Coronavirus: How to Care for Your Face Mask | Johns Hopkins Medicine
So lots of opinions and information going around. This is creating chaos and fear. Especially for our elders and for others. I have been reminded of a great daily practise…. ( thanks to my dear friend Curtis). instead of taking on the fear, confusion, judgement, chaos into my mind/ body and possibly compromising my immune system. I will choose to make a decision. I will wear a mask, I will not add to the confusion and fear, I will take care of myself, family and the folks I love and care for, I will be respectful, I will hold the door open for folks, if I see someone who needs help , I will help out the best I can, I will be kind. I will keep my opinions to myself. I will not be harmful , The world needs us all to settle down ,hone ourselves in, be kind. Be helpful. ❤️ 🙏
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Who are you connected to?

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Connect with all there is, respect all that is living here with you and the spirits of all that surround you, have compassion for all. We are one, we are strong, we have purpose….Let us be grateful. Adding logs to these fires, adding sweet grass to the fires from all directions and lifting prayers to the Creator…Let us join in unity of peace and power of prayer.
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