What do you do for self care?

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This is my peace in life ….

To be able to ride , connect with this beautiful horse ….

Experience freedom, oneness with this wonderful friend .

I spent a few days away from it all , no phones , no service .

A much needed rest .

I was told I wouldn’t be able to ride because of rheumatoid arthritis… I tell them , they don’t know Willow , I will ride and enjoy many years with these amazing horses .

I’m creating a time for myself that is amazing , full of all my dreams and I will manifest them .

There is no limitations in my world , there is ability to create all amazing aspects of my life …

The grouse was drumming in the tree , this shows me to drum and dance , as the grouse is one of my spirit animals … I’ve never seen one sitting , high in the tree drumming .

What a beautiful time out , I had , thank you creator of all for life in its fullest of beauty .

Blessings all…

Shared by “Willow Raven Sage”