In a world of science and wonder, we are lucky to have people who look for the proof  to answer the many questions that man needs to figure out!
Answers they have found like:

  • the world is round and not flat.
  • the world rotates around the sun and not the other way around.

On that note, I would like to thank the scientists that proved to the world that humans have a spirit or soul .   We now have 100 percent proof that our ancestors had it right about being a spiritual being,  that all things come with a spirit and that we are all connected from the ground up to the stars in the universe .

This should make one wonder, or at least question why we can only prove that spirituality is real!  Do we need to question the rest and have proof to confirm it.
That part is up to you!

If you are a native be proud because they can’t be taken  away from us.  If you are  a spiritual person give thanks to science for unknowingly proving that we are never ending .

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” (Dean)