I am Awakening…. Discovering who I am…. and with every step, I am learning to embrace that gentle soul that lives withIn…. It seems it has been asleep for many winters… With each breath that spiritual being I have kept hidden from the physical world… is coming Alive… I feel the wind… hear the whispers of the Ancestors… I am home…. Where I can be true to who I am… it is my time to live, to soar and not just survive….
As I move out of my head and into my heart… I see the interconnectedness of all things in the circle of life… I find myself wandering in awe, realizing that every day is a Gift from the Great Spirit and my gift back is to live each day as a prayer… to LOVE and let go of my fear of the unknown or failure… allowing my heart to lead me to where it is I need to be… knowing that it is okay to search for myself, by myself…. Remembering it is not up to others to make my path for me…. They may walk with me, but not walk it for me…. as it was meant to be my sacred journey….
Learning to let go of expectations is liberating… releasing your expectations of others can bring you much healing… sometimes in life the most loving thing you can do for your soul is to give yourself what you wish someone else would have given you… even if your mind tells you different… maybe the person`s whose love you are yearning for was not able to, maybe they were not meant to, but either way, You have all the LOVE you need, withIN you…. To give to You…. because You are loved… and You are a precious part of the Great Spirit….
Learning to let go of others expectations of you is equally freeing… Living from the heart brings love and freedom to the soul… the journey from mind to heart has helped me remember that my imperfection as a human being is in fact, perfection at its best… because without it, learning and growing would not be part of my journey… And these gifts of life bring love and evolution…. And as I grow, I realize, the more I worry about others` expectations of me, the more I drown and suffocate the real me…. The true ME that the Great Spirit created me to Be….
Sometimes our biggest challenge is to believe in ourselves… As I awaken and learn to trust in the now I marvel in the beauty that surrounds me… I revel in learning about me, loving who I am and with every breath I try to extend this same love and freedom to those who surround me and to all who share in the beauty of this natural world….

As I awaken I am forever grateful for knowing I am right where I need to be…. As are You…. And that you are with me, always….
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) – Hiy Hiy (Redberry)