What will you scatter for the birds?

Crumbs To The Birds.

A bird appears a thoughtless thing,
He’s ever living on the wing,
And keeps up such a carolling,
That little else to do but sing
A man would guess had he.

No doubt he has his little cares,
And very hard he often fares,
The which so patiently he bears,
That, listening to those cheerful airs,
Who knows but he may be

In want of his next meal of seeds?
I think for that his sweet song pleads.
If so, his pretty art succeeds.
I’ll scatter there among the weeds
All the small crumbs I see.

Charles Lamb.
Artist Benito Alonso

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Shared by “Lisa”


Are we not like a onion?
With so many layers to be peeled away
to finally finding the inner core

No, this is not what we are
We started as a tiny seed, rooted into the ground
With time we each grow into a unique beautiful rose
Eventually as a flower, we begin to droop
Our color begins to change, our petals start to fall
or gradually peel away

Before you know it, we are transformed back into our
original form, we are once again a seed
But with this seed, we can continue on
with a new generation & spread the seed
through out our Lands
Because this is what we truly are

Beauty in the Light

Many Blessings,

Darlene (Pathfinder)