What your worth is measured by?


Her worth is not measured in a rodeo arena,
That’s not her cup of tea
She doesn’t wear a big gold buckle
For the whole world to see
Her horse is lanky and big
Her tack is simple and practical
Just like her rig
She can read a cow like a children’s book
Daddy taught all she needs to know
She knows her way around a kitchen,
Cause her momma taught her more than just how to cook
She’s held baby calves and babies of her own
She’s watched death and life
She’s a cowgirl, a rancher
A cattlewoman, who understands sacrifice
Her worth is more than gold,
Because she is real and kind
Too many others like her
Are surely hard to find.

Poem by,

Blue Skies and Red Cows

Shared by “Jenn”