What will you do with your problems today?

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Wow, It’s Tuesday all  ready….

I have been running into annoying little issues that could have easily become problems if I didn’t realize how little these issues really are. 


I will remember that issues can easily be handled when I realize the skills I have to use my mind so that the issues will not matter…… 

Good Morning

What skills will you use today to deal with issues that arise?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle” (Lois)


Yes, it is a good morning!

I walked into my office, turned on my computer and it wouldn’t start!

Being a person with little technical knowledge my frustration began, worry set in and then I found some patience and the next thing I knew a note came on the computer stating that it had a start up problem and the computer would fix itself.

How often does this happen to me in life, where I have a problem and before I know it a sign flashes in front of me letting me know that I can fix myself!

Always, I just need to have the patience at times to let life’s problems repair themselves without me trying impatiently to fix them!


I will be patient as I confront any problems that arise within me and my world!  I know that I am able to work situations through with time, conscious awareness and by using my life skills!


Good Morning!

What skills do you use to work through your problems?

 Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”