How successful are you?

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I once asked a very successful woman to share her secret with me. She smiled and said to me..


“I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters.
I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me…
I stopped fighting with my in laws…
I stopped fighting for attention…
I stopped fighting to meet peoples expectation of me…
I stopped fighting for my rights with inconsiderate people..
I stopped fighting to please everyone…
I stopped fighting to prove they were wrong about me….
I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight…

And I started fighting for
my vision,
my dreams,
my ideas and
my destiny.

The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming successful & so much more content.”

Some fights are not worth your time….. Choose what you fight for wisely.

Shared by “Patti”

What success will you create today?

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When I started  out my morning I wanted everything to happen the way I want it to happen.  I want the medical system to move Gary to where he can get what he requires to move forward, becoming healthy and well, I wanted our family to always be loving and supportive, I want, I want, I want.  When I realized what I was doing I began to see how everything is moving ahead as it is to move ahead, and that there is a wonderful lesson available to me through it all.  Once again the life lesson is PATIENCE  knowing that everything is happening as it is to happen and it is all good.


I am being patient in this moment knowing that  success is arriving as in the way it is meant to be.

Good Morning

What will you be successful in creating today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”