What kind of support will you give or receive today?

Good Morning |

It’s the middle of the week again…..the time sure seems to be flying by right now. 

 My love (Gary) is back home again after taking a fall last night and I am so glad that nothing is broken and that all is well.  Thank you paramedics and health care hospital staff as well as family.


I am enjoying this day of love, healing, support and help we are receiving.  Thank you.

Good Morning

What support and help might you receive today?


“White Eagle”

How competitive are you with other women?

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“Many women have been conditioned by our culture to consider other women as threats or competitors. Healing any sense of competition is key for women. When our sisters thrive, we all thrive, and when we build loyal, supportive friendships with an ever-widening circle, our well-being is enhanced.”~
~ Laura Cornell
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