What will you do with the fear that is arising now?

There’s a lot of fear coming up right now in the collective. Be mindful of how you are moving through it.

Are you reacting to it from a place of fear, or are you observing it from an empowered space, and taking action from here?

Which ever is coming up, know that it’s all perfect.

If you are getting caught up in the fear and survival, be easy on yourself.

Your inner kid is just doing the best she/he can to keep you safe with how she/he knows to do so.

Thank your inner kid, send them love, and in the back of your mind know that there’s also a powerful and majestic aspect of you (your Spirit,) who knows exactly how to heal, support, nourish and keep you safe no matter what.

This awareness will help to remind your inner kid how to allow your Spirit to take care of it and you, when they are ready to receive it.

You are loved always.

Shared by “Emmanuel”


What will you do to take care of you?

Good Morning

It sure is good to be back home once again sipping on my tea, watching the raindrops fall  outside and really enjoying my morning!


I will enjoy everything and everyone that is around me!  

I will take breaks from the computer, telephone, and busyness of the day, sip some tea, so that I have wonderful time for me!

Good Morning

What will you do today to take care of you?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”