What happens when you remind yourself to think positive?

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When I got up this morning everything seemed to be negative.  It’s too cold outside, Gary has been in the hospital for 17 days, I am feeling lonely, maybe the car won’t start, and the list continued to grow.  When I became consciously aware of my negative thoughts I began to change my day around through my meditation, thoughts and beliefs.


I am consciously aware of my negative thinking and when I am aware I will shift my thoughts to positive thoughts as I revel in the positive things that are happening around me.

Good Morning

How many negative thoughts are you thinking today?

Peace, love, light and blessing

“White Eagle”


How positively are you thinking this morning?

Today I woke up and my body was hurting all over.  I got up slowly wishing that I could just stay in bed and not move.  Sparky had other ideas, so thank you “Sparky”…I got up, began to move around and my body began to loosen up, I went out into the cold and it was amazing how quickly I could move and get back into the house!


I will focus on being positive, using movement, meditation, laughter and love knowing that this life is my celebration.

Good Morning

What will you do to celebrate life today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”