How easy is it for you to trust the process of change?


Trust the process of change.

Sometimes a familiar thing needs to die before an unfamiliar new sprout can grow.

Whether it is a big transition
or a wee, little one
fear is a normal emotion
on the path of transformation.
A wise friend once told me
that fear of the unknown
is excitement, holding its breath.
I remember this
when I am about to birth
new little things
or little big things.
And I remember that every mountain
has a path
and that the path itself
is as valuable
if not more so
than the mountaintop
because without it
you could not get to the very top to see the view.
The path seasons us
sometimes more
than the mind expansive eye opening
at the top.
When in doubt, remember
trust the process.
trust the journey.
trust the invisible and not so invisible
that assist us
across the rivers of change.
if that does not work
and all else fails
and you are scared
and feeling tiny
and know that you are about to birth
some kind of wonderful
just imagine that you are held
in the arms
of the great mother
the grandmother
the gentle forest mother bear spirit
of nourishing trust.
Words: The Wild Matryoshka
Image: Alexandra Dvornikova
Shared by “Maggie and Lisa”

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