When I was a child one of my favorite evenings was Sunday.  Sunday was the day that a most amazing man (Walt Disney) had a television show that was truly a family event in the house I grew up in.

Creativity, animation, real life stories and a whole lot of learning and sharing took place during and after this television program.

As I grew into a young adult, this education continued well into my later adult life, and this program was one that I never missed unless it was a repeat, or unless I absolutely could not be in front of a TV set to watch.  This legacy was passed through all of my family members and was a constant  topic of conversation with my brothers and sisters, and then into the lives of  my children.  I still wear a Mickey Mouse watch!!!

What Walt Disney did for the world through sharing his passion and creativity with the world was never questioned by myself and I certainly never thought about whether this program and all of the creativity was about love or money……

When I found this quote from him, all of these years later, it certainly stopped me in my tracks.  In my reality, which many times was fantasy through this man, money never entered into my mind.

In this moment, today, I recognize that this wonderful human being, was exactly that…..A human being who was learning, growing, sharing and being real……

Was money important to him?

Yes, I’m sure it was, in order to survive in his early years, however, look at the dream he built and shared with money that soon became unimportant to him.  I have never thought about his money, only the legacy that he leaves to this wonderful world…..The Wonderful World of Disney!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”