How comfortable and warm will you be today?

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I got up early this morning to check the weather outside and to make sure that the groundhog was right. 

Sure enough he was right and there is a lot of snow out there, so may as well get ready for 6 more weeks of playing in the white stuff or just staying home being warm and comfortable .




I will have a good day staying warm comfortable inside while I look out and see the beautiful white snow on the ground.

Good Morning

What will you enjoy doing today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”


Today was a good day!

I was busy being in the moment, getting  a cold air furnace intake installed in a new furnace as well as a lot of household maintenance chores to get ready for the colder weather that arrives at night!


I will sleep well knowing that I am cozy, warm and comfortable with healthy air circulating around me as I breathe in and out while I dream!

Good Night

What have you done to get ready for changing temperatures?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”


If we can manage to refrain from harming others in our everyday actions and words, we can start to give more serious attention to actively doing good, and this can be a source of great joy and inner confidence. We can benefit others through our actions by being warm and generous toward them, by being charitable, and by helping those in need.

The Dalai Lama

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