A grateful and generous heart is like a magnet. When you take the time to acknowledge the abundance in your life and share the wealth, you attract even more blessings and reasons to feel grateful. In this way, receiving and giving creates a circle of energy that serves us all.
~ Cheryl Richardson~
“Just Channelings”
Shared by “Muriel”


Jeff Mullan

“A stream of abundance and blessings flows towards you constantly in health and wealth and wisdom and well-being. This wonderful universal energy is meant to be savored and enjoyed everyday – in every way – everywhere you turn, so that you can appreciate life intensely.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan-

Shared by “White Eagle”


Just for today… I will try to be wise in my choices… to be the best person I can be… to consciously think about what matters to me in this moment…. In the Grand Design… the Great Mystery of Life… Is it abundance? Wealth or love? Giving to others? Helping others? I was told once by an elder that the best way to help others is to help myself by trying to be the best person I can be… to remember that on this earth walk I will grow through life’ups and downs, walk through valleys and meadows and climb mountains…. to be carried by the wind to resting places along the way, where I will be given the time and insight to examine what I have accomplished and learned on my journey through life…
My gift to me and Great Spirit is learning to draw from the wisdom of these lessons and integrating it into my True Being, and share Me with All My Relations… because I have learned that what benefits one benefits us all… because We Are All One… We are All Related…. Sometimes, it seems the more I learn, the less I know… yet I grow…. and Great Spirit has taught me that if I can also help others if I learn from my experiences and share my lessons in a gentle and loving way…. At one time I believed life was meant to be complex, yet the more time I spend with mother earth and revel in the beauty and divinity of all other living beings, I realize life is meant to be simple…. One of the most basic but beautiful realizations I came to, is that we live in a loving universe…. We were created out of love…. AND…. Love is liberating, it is not binding…. The more I reflected on and understood the love shown by the Great Spirit in allowing each of us to make a conscious choice to seek Oneness again, out of our own free will, not because we are made to… the more this made great sense to me…. And from this I came to the conclusion that if we are all One Being than it is foolish to hate anyone, as we are hating ourselves…. And therefore, so it true as the Ancient Ones say…. the hurt of One is the hurt of All….
I have learned more from my trials and failures than my successes… If you let it, you allow yourself to become stronger in the places you’ve been broken…. Your failures, scars and wounds, and overcoming those things made you so much stronger…. It is similar to strengthening a muscle in the body, where the tearing takes place, is where the strengthening happens. I have had sorrow in my life and that is when the most profound changes happened in my life… I learned that during these times, you might feel like you are being broken, but instead you are being broken open… the vessel is being emptied…. Tinkiki (thank you) to coyote medicine…. it was the beginning of my next self…. I realized that in every trial there is a treasure…. if we can find it within ourselves to look for it…. Change can be scary because it is unfamiliar…. It dissolves the limitations we place on ourselves…. It takes us out of our comfort zone…. Out of old patterns, behaviors and ways of thinking to carry us into the new and unknown, into a world of infinite possibilities, undiscovered potential and freedom to be all we were created to be… Today I choose to embrace change…. And remember to gently let go of the life I had planned and trust in the talk I had with Creator and Great Spirit, when together we dreamed up the preciousness and purpose for my life… before I journeyed to the earth plane…. Before I made the choice to become a Part of You and You a Part of Me…. because We are All Related….
With Mouse and through Wolf, I have realized that true wisdom lies in knowing I know very little… the less I know, the more I feel I can let my spirit run in love and compassion… Today I choose to wake up curious and determined to see the beauty in all of creation, walking gently upon the earth, with open arms and a thankful heart… With each sunrise we are blessed with a majestic canvass…as spiritual beings making the physical journey to mother earth, it is up to us… as creative artists, to paint each day as we wish…. How can you make the world a better place with your wisdom, where you are?
Just for today…. I say, in simply being here, and being the best person you can be, in this moment, You are making this world a better place!!!! May you let your light shine!! May you walk in love and beauty!!! And remember always, You are loved! You are precious! You do not walk alone!
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) – Hiy Hiy (Redberry)